Peanut Press Gift Guide

Photobooks are the best holiday present!  Peanut Press has a title for everyone on your list:

For your sister in law who won't buy tabloids because they're exploitative but reads them in the supermarket checkout aisle, and who loved Ewan MacGregor ever since Trainspotting, get Victoria Will's "Borne Back, which features tintypes of celebrities at the Sundance Film Festival. If she typically tries to out buy you at the holidays, get a limited edition featuring Flea or Anne Hathaway.  That will show her.


For your friend who is in to photography, and appreciates an intimate story of a family, or your partner who stays home and raises your kids, get Ashly Stohl's "Days & Years," featuring the ups and downs of a photographer's family.  This book will tell your partner that you see them and understand how much they do for your family.  And if you really screwed up this week, get them a limited edition.  Trust us.  

For your father who doesn't read your facebook posts because you use "too many words" and still says stuff like "pocketbook" and "cockaroach," Give him David Carol's "NO PLAN B".  There aren't a lot of words, but the pictures are full of Carol's signature wit.  If dad is getting on in years, get him a limited edition, because if you're gonna get his love and approval, you better do it now.  Time's running out.

Your brother in law already bought tickets for the first showing of the new and final Star Wars movie, and spent all last Thanksgiving explaining to your kids why episodes, 1, 2 and 3 of the Star Wars Franchise are invalid and should be rewritten, and even though he made your son cry, you are still grateful to him, because it's true, and someone had to tell them, but it wasn't going to be you. Get him a Limited Edition of Ashly Stohl's sold out "Charth Vader." The limited edition comes with a print, and is the perfect way of saying, "thanks for taking one for the team, bro.  You can still babysit even though you made them cry.  How about this Friday?"

For your college roommate who moved to Boston for a guy, and is starting to talk like it, but you're not gonna say anything yet, because you know it's not going to last, get Paris Visone's For Real.  It's a great tale of a music photographer's life at home, and backstage on the road with bands.  You can get her a limited edition, since you didn't send her anything last year.  We know you still feel bad about it.

For the David Carol fan in your life, get the David Carol Boxed Set.  It includes every book he has published, a signed poster, a David Carol disguise kit, and other fun stuff.  Remember, it's not creepy if everyone is having a good time!


Happy holidays everyone!  Orders placed by December 19 should arrive by December 24. 


Ashly Stohl Los Angeles Book Signing!

Ashly Stohl will be signing her new book, Days & Years during the LACP Exposure Weekend portfolio walk

Friday, September 13, 2019 from 7-8pm
LACP Exposure Weekend Portfolio Walk
Hotel MdR, Marina Del Rey, California

ANNOUNCING: Days & Years by Ashly Stohl

Peanut Press is thrilled to announce the release of Days & Years, the second monograph by Los Angeles artist Ashly Stohl. Days & Years, which takes its title from the common bit of parenting wisdom, “The days are long but the years are short,” launches on the heels of Stohl’s successful solo show at Leica Soho in New York, NY.

If, as many say, all portraits are self-portraits, then Days & Years is a daring autobiography. These photographs pull no punches, and refuse to portray a glossy or idealized vision of either childhood or motherhood. From after-school snacks to sibling squabbles to family vacations, here is the messy and bustling day-to-day, as seen through Stohl’s celebrated eye. Ashly Stohl’s first book, 2015’s Charth Vader, about Stohl’s visually impaired youngest son, met with great recognition. Featured on ABC News, Huffington Post, and news outlets worldwide, it sold out in only two weeks! Now, and with her usual fearlessness, warmth, and darkly wry humor, Stohl’s Days & Years broadens the focus to her entire family.

From the introduction, by Lynn Melnick: “Parenting, like childhood, is a wild trip: some days are boring, moments are ridiculous or moments are hard, love abounds. Ashly captures all of this with an unflinching—and unjaded—eye. This book is a monument to her children, but it’s also a testament to the person she herself is and to the multiplicity of work she does twenty-four hours a day.”

Alongside the book, Stohl will officially launch “The Days & Years Project” (@thedaysandyearsproject), an Instagram, a platform showcasing the work of photographers whose children are their subject. The aim is to boost visibility for photographers whose work capturing the daily life of their families—rather than more conventionally accepted “artistic” subjects—often keeps them out of mainstream venues. @thedaysandyearsproject will serve as a platform for the issue of gender disparity in the art world, and in particular, the challenges faced by photographers—most often women—who center their families as a primary subject.

Days & Years is limited to 750 copies. Of those, 100 are presented as a limited edition including a signed book with one of two prints signed and numbered by the photographer. The limited edition photographs are printed on Hahnemühle paper. Days & Years  will be released August 15, 2019

Ashly Stohl's Days & Years at Leica Soho NY!

Thanks to everyone who came out to Ashly Stohl's "Days & Years" reception for her solo show at Leica Soho New York! The show is open until June 31, 2017 at the Leica Store in Soho. Thank you to Rene Perez for the photos!



Peanut Press + House of Lucie

Thank you to the House of Lucie in Los Angeles, California for hosting the Peanut Press Friends and Family exhibit, including a book signing by Paris Visone for her new book, For Real!

Happy New Year!!!


2017 was a great year for Peanut Press! Here are some of the highlights:

We released Victoria Will's debut book, Borne Back to amazing reviews!

David Carol's NO PLAN B opened at Leica Soho.

Ashly Stohl & David Carol spoke about Peanut Press and making books at SVA.

David had a nice chat with Robert Caplan of Photo Brigade.

Ashly Stohl made jokes and talked about her work at Soho Photo.

Peanut Press goofed around and reviewed some great work for Palm Springs Photo Festival at Photo Plus


Paris Visone

We are happy to announce that we will be publishing a book of Paris Visone's personal work in 2018.  She is known for travelling the globe with musical icons including Marilyn Manson, Blondie, Toto, Godsmack, New Found Glory and Limp Bizkit, but this book will show her friends and family backstage and at home.

Paris has been featured in numerous publications such as Rolling Stone, Spin, Alternative Press, Zoom Magazine, Rangefinder, Real Simple, and GEO Magazine.

Peanut Editions

We are excited to announce a new series, Peanut Editions, a limited series of books that include a signed and numbered print from the artist. 

The artists in our first series are:

Melissa Breyer
Marisha Camp
Don Hudson
Sacha Lecca
Jennifer McClure
Lori Nix + Kathleen Gerber
Greta Pratt
Andi Schreiber



January 20, 2018 2pm-4pm
Victoria Will book signing at the Sundance Film Festival
Join us at Dolly's books on Main Street, where Victoria Will will be signing her new book, Borne Back.
Dolly's Books, 510 Main Street, Park City, UT. 84060 (435) 649-8062

March 23, 2018
David Carol's NO PLAN B moves to Miami
David Carol's NO PLAN B will be exhibited at the Leica Store in Miami from March 2 until May 31, 2018.   
Opening reception on March 23, 2018.

Victoria Will at Sundance Film Festival!

Come meet Victoria Will where it all the Sundance Film Festival!

She will be signing her book, Borne Back, on January 20th, 2018 from 2pm - 4pm
at Dolly's Books
510 Main Street, Park City, UT. 84060
(435) 649-8062

The book can be purchased at the signing.  

For more information about the book, read our press release.



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