About Us


Why another publisher in a world of “make your own book" publishers? Why another book publisher when you can simply upload photos onto a website and have instant photo books printed to order? Well, here’s the deal. We have no interest in making photo books just to turn a profit and stay afloat. We don’t want to make books that look pretty good. We are not selling our services.   We don’t want to be in the “book publishing” business.

What we want to do, and are going to do, is make great books. We are going to make books for the right reasons. We are going to partner with great photographers to make the book they will love, that we will love, that exists for one purpose. Not to make money, though we hope it will, but to produce a beautiful and precious treasure that will put photographs first. The work comes first at Peanut Press, or we won't get involved.

--Peanut Press co-founders, Ashly Leonard Stohl and David Carol

images by Victoria Will