Press for Victoria Will's Borne Back

We are so excited about the attention that our latest book is receiving!  Here are some of the articles written about Victoria Will's Borne Back:

"The 6-by-8-inch book features portraits of household names — Red Hot Chili Peppers bassist Flea, Robert Redford and Anne Hathaway — to name a few. But it’s not the subjects that stand out; it’s the photographs, which are beautifully printed to complement the imperfect process by which they were made. Timeless and intimate, each subject inside takes on their own persona."
-Timeless tintypes of the world’s most photographed subjectsThe Washington Post 

"Will incorporated vintage tintype photography that brought a haunting and ethereal look to the famous faces we often see in celebrity galleries."
This Photographer's New Book Celebrates the Lost Art of Tintype Portraits, Esquire

"This is a book that needs to be seen in real life — screens don’t adequately convey the richness of the tintypes that Victoria Will and Peanut Press managed to capture in print. The slowness of the antiquated process and Will’s ease with celebrities allows for unique and intimate sides of familiar faces to be seen."
-21 Of The Most Incredible Photo Books From 2017, Buzfeed News

This Sundance photographer snaps celebs in a unique way, New York Post

"Will is a gifted portraitist and this small volume is a production marvel, with just the right hint of silver toning in the midrange to capture the essence of a real tintype and spot-on design by Elizabeth Avedon."
-Our Favorite Photography Books of 2017, What Will You Remember?

Borne Back also made a surprise appearance on the TV show, "Morning Joe"

And was seen on social media as the upcoming cover of Black + White Photography magazine, and a shoutout from Jason Momoa, who wrote the foreword for the book.




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