Bronx Life

Bronx Life

David Gonzalez

This Peanut Portfolio Book includes one signed and numbered original photograph and one signed and numbered hardcover book, 40 pages, 18 black and white plates.

David Gonzalez was born in the South Bronx to parents who migrated from Puerto Rico to New York as teenagers. He graduated from Yale and Columbia, and has worked as a journalist and photographer, starting out at Newsweek, where he covered national and international news. During his 31 years at the New York Times, he has been the paper’s Bronx Bureau Chief, the "About New York" columnist, and the Central America and Caribbean Bureau Chief, Side Street columnist and was the longtime co-editor of the paper’s Lens Blog.

His coverage has includes chronicling post-conflict Central America, how the Bronx emerged from years of official neglect, and in-depth reports on how Latino immigration is reshaping the United States. He is a co-founder of Seis Del Sur, a collective of Puerto Rican photographers who met decades after documenting life in the South Bronx.

Having travelled the world, Bronx Life brings us back to the place Gonzalez was raised. From a local softball field basking in the morning sun, to an old mambo dancer or from a rooftop sunset to a couple dancing in the street, Gonzalez shows us that the Bronx has the intimacy of a small town that belies the usual visual expectations.

Book size 7.75" x 8.75" printed by Meridian Printing.
Print size 8.5" x 11" printed on Hahnemühle paper.

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