All My Lies Are True

All My Lies Are True

David Carol

A collection of photographs taken throughout the first 25-years of David Carol's career. "All My Lies Are True is a book of 'events' that I thought were interesting and that I needed to save as proof of what I had seen. Every picture was taken with the same motivation, to see if I could preserve that evidence in a photograph."

All My Lies Are True won an award as "Best Book of the Year" from Photo District News and appeared on a number of critics' "Best Photography Books of the Year" lists. Carol is a photographer, writer, curator, editor, teacher, lecturer and publisher and the author of four monographs.

Photographs by David J. Carol
First Edition, 2009

Signed by the artist
43 duo-toned b&w plates
9.25 x 6.25 inches.


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